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Recruitment Goal: 10
Members Recruited: 118

Join our efforts to help Syrian Refugees!

Our team is working to support ShelterBox USA's response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis - to provide shelter for a further 5,000 families over the coming months

So far ShelterBox has sent aid to support over 4,500 families in Syria, Iraqi Kurdistan, Lebanon and Jordan. But many thousands more need our help today.

Making a donation is fast, easy and secure. We truly appreciate any support you can provide. It will benefit a great cause!

If you can't make a donation at this point, help me reach my goal by sharing this page on <a href="">Facebook</a> and <a href="">Twitter</a>! Make sure you tag ShelterBox USA.

Or, even better, send an e-mail to friends you think might be interested in contributing and include a link to my page!

Thanks so much for your generosity!

Team Members:
Total Raised$13,013.37  
General Team Donation$7,976.00  
April Steele$50.00  
Gayla Feachen$50.00  
   Johanne Abonader$50.00  
   Stacy Alexander$150.00  
   Jody Allen$25.00  
   Denise Ashworth$0.00  
   Ginni Barr-Ruscio$25.00  
   Sara Batchelder$0.00  
   Keli Beck$25.00  
   Della Brock$10.00  
   Katie Bromley$25.00  
   Barbara Brown$50.00  
   Lynne Brown$50.00  
   Kimberly Burns$50.00  
   Jackie Campbell$50.00  
   Mary Lou Chamberlain$25.00  
   Dickey Choate$35.00  
   Jennifer Christensen$25.00  
   Nancy Christian$50.00  
   Vickie Clancy$40.00  
   Carli Cmdm$100.00  
   Julia Conlogue$10.00  
   Margaret Cooper$0.00  
   Connie Corey$0.00  
   Stephanie Crowhurst$35.00  
   Mary Cullen$250.00  
   Nipuna Dasi$0.00  
   Cris Day$15.00  
   Pamela Day$35.00  
   Elizabeth Del Rosario$50.00  
   Marianne Denning$25.00  
   Lisa Dettling$25.00  
   Leslie Diamond$100.00  
   Amy Fann$10.00  
   Terri Folks$25.00  
   La Follia$50.00  
   Susan Frank$25.00  
   Cynthia Franzen$0.00  
   Elisha Frumkin$25.00  
   sherry gatewood$10.00  
   Susan Geragosian$30.00  
   Sandra Gootee$50.00  
   Karen Govan$50.00  
   Kd Grace$50.00  
   Terri Green$25.00  
   Stacey Hahn$15.00  
   Lisa Hake$50.00  
   Tamara Hedin$50.00  
   Wendy Heller-Loren$50.00  
   Anne Hetherington$50.00  
   Renée Hill$50.00  
   Lisa Hissong$25.00  
   Kirsten Hodges$50.00  
   Larissa Hofman$50.00  
   Heather Holder$40.00  
   Vicki Hoover$35.00  
   Lori Hughes$25.00  
   Jeannie Hurley$0.00  
   Deborah Hymon$0.00  
   Kandy Jedlicka$50.00  
   Heather Kerneckel$50.00  
   Patricia Klecanda$200.00  
   Margaret Knight$15.00  
   Deborah Lanier$100.00  
   Anna Lapping$25.00  
   Gwen Leeper$0.00  
   Kristin Lemons$20.00  
   Kate Leslie$100.00  
   Lea Markum$20.00  
   Ruth McArthur$100.00  
   Karla McDonald$50.00  
   Pamela McMahan$20.00  
   Heather Miller-Shiell$25.00  
   Trudy Miner$10.00  
   Judy Mullen$50.00  
   Valorie Nassar$50.00  
   Debra Newhouse$50.00  
   Carla Oliver Radhouani$20.00  
   Sarah Pace$0.00  
   Jacqueline Parker$25.00  
   Irene Paulton$15.00  
   Joni Payne$50.00  
   Cindy Penney$35.00  
   Melinda Portman$50.00  
   Alison Rauschenberger$25.00  
   Maria Rea$50.00  
   Teresa Remillard$150.00  
   Susan Ritter$25.00  
   Diana Rothe$25.00  
   Cara Rule$20.00  
   Sonya Sabet$15.00  
   Lillian Sams$20.00  
   Connie Sandlin$110.00  
   Lisa Sarrazin$30.00  
   Sarah Shanley$50.00  
   Beverly Sheaffer$25.00  
   Christine Shlagor$100.00  
   Joanne Smith$50.00  
   Kate Soehnlen$50.00  
   Sabrina Spanke$42.37  
   Barbara Spellman$50.00  
   Janice Sweetin$50.00  
   Caitriona Tamhas$0.00  
   Danice Tompkins$0.00  
   Barbara Wade$135.00  
   Debbie Waller$10.00  
   Lisa Wanket$25.00  
   Harriet Weber$100.00  
   Marcie Weiler$25.00  
   Pamela Weston$100.00  
   Mel Whalen$0.00  
   Jennifer Whelan$25.00  
   Sinde Wickersham$50.00  
   Donna Williams$35.00  
   Lisa Woody$150.00  
   Judith Wright$20.00  
   Margaret Y$50.00  
   Michele Yon$25.00  

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