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An Appeal to Help Syrian Refugees this Holiday Season

After the arrival of our first child this year, I was able to safely navigate through the sea of dirty diapers, hungry cries, colic, gas and general fussiness because I had not only the basic necessities of life but many luxuries to make the transition to parenthood as easy as possible. Even with the support of family and luxuries such as a stylish diaper bag, the transition to life with a newborn was difficult. I began wondering how single mothers and mothers suffering through poverty or an unstable lifestyle were able to cope. I still felt like I was treading water in a feeble effort to meet my new baby’s demands even with a house full of baby products designed to make my life as comfortable as possible.

As I nursed my baby to happy contentment, I watched the television and saw images of Syrian refugees across the world displaced by a terrible and complicated war. I saw women carrying children screaming with hunger across deserts or aboard ships crowded with strangers; the air polluted by disease and filth. My heart broke for them and my eyes filled with tears as I looked upon my own baby, now happily sleeping in my arms, his belly full of warm milk.

With the holiday season approaching, the program on the television quickly moved on from these images to advertisements by Walmart and other American superstores promoting the hottest new toys and gadgets to buy for your deserving children in the spirit of “Christmas.” The stark polarity of these contrasting images hit me like a wall of bricks and I decided that this year, I would not be tempted to “give” to those who already had more than they needed, nor would I be tempted to want any gifts in return. Instead, I would give to those who truly needed the things that we often take for granted, such as shelter and clean water. That was when I stumbled across ShelterBox USA, a non-profit organization which provides lifesaving supplies to refugees affected by war and natural disasters.

ShelterBox USA has been a leading supporter in the Syrian refugee crisis, which has displaced 12.2 million people since it began four years ago, and has been the largest and worst humanitarian crisis in the world since the end of the cold war. ShelterBox provides lifesaving supplies such as family tents designed to resist harsh weather conditions, stoves, pots, water purification, blankets and waterproof ground mats among other items to refugee families in Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq Kurdistan and Greece. Without these very basic tools to protect families from the elements and help increase personal sanitation and hygiene, these people are at higher risk for disease and illness and babies are at higher risk for infant mortality.

ShelterBox was rated as one of the top twenty charities helping with the Syrian refugee crisis, and a single box which provides all of the things listed above for one family costs $1,000 (US). It is my goal to raise enough money to buy just one box for a Syrian family in need this holiday season, and I hope you can help us to achieve that goal! Any donation amount is appreciated, and please consider donating in lieu of gifts for our family this Christmas.

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Total Raised$225.00  
General Team Donation$175.00  
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