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$1,000- Can Support a Complete ShelterBox
$500- Can Give the Gift of Shelter
$250- Can Provide a Stove & Cooking Utensils
$100- Can Provide Water Purification
$75- Can Provide a Family with Blankets & Warmth Items
$50- Can Provide Essential Tools to Rebuild
$35- Can Provide a Family with Mosquito Nets
$25- Can Provide a Children's Activity Pack

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Did you know?

Did you know?

- Each year, disasters around the globe affect more than 100 million people.

- There are typically more than 300 disasters that occur annually and in 2012, they collectively caused $138 billion in damage.

- Most of these disasters rarely hit the news media and in many cases, leave families homeless for weeks, months and sometimes years.

-ShelterBox USA, a humanitarian relief charity, deploys, on average, to a new disaster every two weeks to provide life-saving equipment including tents, blankets and tools to rebuild and purify water.

I'm choosing to help those families affected by disasters whether they are the major publicized earthquakes or tsunamis or flooding that might never make the news.

And, I'm asking for your help. Help me support ShelterBox USA and the families they support by making a donation today. Families affected by disasters such as the Oklahoma tornadoes or Syrian conflict will be thankful you did.
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